How to create MegaMoon Wallet ?

February 18, 2023
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How to create MegaMoon Wallet ?

MegaMoon offers convenience to all users with a simple crypto wallet connection system. In addition to traditional crypto wallets such as Metamask, Trust wallet etc. ,we also added a login function via Google or Gmail account and first-time users need to sign up to create a MegaMoon wallet.

  • How to sign up ?

To register with MegaMoon wallet

1) Go to MegaMoon Website
2) Click Sign up on the top right of the screen
3) Select the options

There are 2 options to register with MegaMoon wallet

Options 1 – Login via Gmail
1) Click on Sign in with Google
2) Fill in your email
3) If you are registering for the first time, you will be required to verify yourself with Google
4) Click on “Activate proxy wallet”
5) Sign in Successfully

Options 2 – Login Via Metamask
1) Select Metamask
2) Enter your Metamask password
3) Select the account you want to use
4) Click “Connect”
5) Sign in Successfully

The system will automatically generate a crypto wallet account number. Then, you can deposit $USDT to your MegaMoon wallet for enjoy the MegaMoon features and have chance to win very huge prize.

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